So how does it all fit together? Lets run through the details

Steven Twain

Steven Twain is our primary trader, he has a access to the latest trading tools to help maximize returns on his Binary, forex & commodities trading through an exclusive business partnership. 

Using these cutting edge tools and extensive experience he's able to consistently win in a market that crushes most newcomers. 

There is a LOT of money to be made in binary trading if you know what you're doing, have the right tools & more importantly have the right personality and level of self control to stick to your rules consistently.

Steven has had consistent positive returns for 6 years now, in fact at one point he was able to pay out 40% to his largest investors weekly & still make a profit for himself!

BTC GLobal

BTC Global is the marketing arm of Steven's Trading business.

That group negotiated an amazing deal with Steven to get access to his trading services for as little as a $1000 initial bitcoin deposit.

BTC Global maintains the back office software and tracking systems but does not directly handle the money in your account. All funds are paid directly to & from Steven in Bitcoin.

The opportunity

BTC Global (Steven Twain) guarantees 5% per week on US Dollar value of your deposits

BTC Global accept deposits in Bitcoin & pay returns in Bitcoin to allow for a truly global business!

All account funds are converted to US Dollars & returns are calculated on the US Dollar amount.