Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up? 

  • Click Join Now at the top of this page
  • Create your account details & click Register (This will create your account)
  • Scroll down & fill in your Profile information including your Direct Sponsor's name
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page & click Update.
  • Now look for the PAY with BITCOIN button in the welcome message on your profile to make your first payment of at least $1000.
  • Once payment is made you will start earning daily & get paid every Monday.

Can I withdraw my capital & How do I request a withdrawal?

You can withdraw your capital or part thereof at any time.

Simply email with your MN number and amount you wish to withdraw.

The amount will be deducted on the day of the request and no return will be paid on that amount the following Monday.
The actual payment of the withdrawal can be expected the second Monday after the request (8-14 days from request)

(so in essence you miss a week's return and get paid the following week)

Withdrawing funds from a trading account takes time and it is the norm to have a notice period.

Is this investment risk free?

Nothing in life is risk free.

We have partnered with Steven because he has proved himself reliable & trustworthy over the last 6+ months. That being said the very nature of an unregulated bitcoin investment has inherent risk. 

Use good money management, limit your risk & don't risk more than you're willing to lose.

Take a look at our team Strategy sheet for some strategies to maximize returns & minimize risk.

Why does my team shares show $0?

You have not qualified for Team Shares yet.

You need to sign up 5 people front line (level 1) in order to qualify for team shares or commissions.
Until you have qualified for the commission, your counter will show 0 as the team shares are frozen until such time.

The solution?
Sign up 5 people and you'll see some Team Shares to the tune of 4% of your front kine's collective investment!

There are TWO ways to earn in BTC Global.

1. RETURNS on Investment
This is very simply calculated at 14% of the dollar amount you invested weekly paid in BTC.

2. Team Shares or Commissions
This is earned MONTHLY on the people you recruit or refer.

When you have 5 people front line (on your level 1) you get 4% paid monthly on their collective investment.
To qualify for the next levels see below;

Level 2 is 4 % and you need 15 people front line
Level 3 is 3% and you need 30 people front line
Level 4 is 1% and you need 70 people front line
Level 5 is 0,5% and you need 100 people front line

**Remember all payments are calculated in US DOLLARS and PAID in BITCOIN. So amounts paid are varied due to BTC price fluctuations but DOLLAR payout is constant according to the above info.

Note that you can only earn referral comission if you are active with a minimum of $1000 invested.

How do we make money or earn in MTC Global?

The BTC Global Team website ( is designed to help you to explain this business to potential investors.

Once your potential investor is ready to sign up they can use the signup process to get them started in your team. (see question 1 on this page for that process)

There is no direct referral link but new members must choose there sponsor in their profile before they can invest.


Is there a referral link?

Is there documentation that I can send to a potential investor?

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